Do you need a rental car to visit Malta?

Affordable Car rental in Malta

Public transportation in Malta is efficient enough, but renting a car is the best option as far as freedom and privacy is concerned. Whether you want to visit or take a trip to Valletta, Gozo Island, Sliema, Mellieha Bay, Mdina, St. Paul’s Bay, Golden Bay, Hagar Qim  or Mnajdra, picking up a cheap rental car in Malta can get you there with so much of comfort in no waiting time.

The Island of Malta and Gozo are blessed with natural beauty and renting a car in Malta is the most effective way to  see and enjoy sightseeing attractions as much as you can. We would like to recommend you renting a car to explore everything to see and do, across the Maltese Island on your best possible way at your own pace.

There are so much to see in Malta with its ancient history, rich culture, pre-historic temples, breath taking scenery, beautiful  beaches and many more to explore with a rental car to make your  trip special.

Advantages of Rental Cars in Malta

Malta Car rental Company

If you want to see everything in a short time Malta Island has to offer , renting a car is the best option to explore Malta and Gozo Island.  Malta consists of large number of car rental agencies and its easy to find an Airport transfer service in Malta and most of the major tourist places.  You can book a vehicle either  from an international or local car hire agency  in Malta.

Having a car give the flexibility to visit attractions and sights, which aren’t visited easily and frequently by public transport.  

However, renting a car for a memorable vacation trip can make a lot of sense, as a good road trip is the ultimate aim of every visitor. Please find advantages of renting a car in Malta as mentioned below:

1) Hiring A Car Can Save You A Lot Of Time And Help You Discover More 

Malta car rental

Getting around Malta with a rental car is much more easier and faster than public transport. Renting a car can help you spend less time for transportation and more time for exploring sight-seeing attractions and enjoying the vacation.  

You can enjoy your vacation more and explore more attractions stress-free if you have a car. Renting a car can be very helpful if you want convenience and  hassle free journey and don’t want to rush anywhere with an intention to see everything you went for.

2) Comfort And Convenience For International Travellers

Car Hire Malta

Whether you are visiting Malta for business or leisure,  Hiring a cheap rental car in Malta a can give you high level of comfort and convenience as you want.  If you are an International traveller,  book  a rental car at Malta international airport on your reach or pre-book your airport car rental online for a better deal.  

Once you reach airport, you can start your journey from Malta International airport straightway.  You can easily and instantly book your car by selecting the car of your choice with easy online reservation process.

3) You Will Have Your Own Privacy

Malta Car rental Company

Having a rental car can give you needed privacy while driving there. If you are on a weekend holiday with your family with a self-drive car rental, you can enjoy the trip with your family with maximum privacy. If you are a couple then you can have a lots of romance and sightseeing with a rental car.

4)  Save Money On Your Vacation

Cheap Car Rental in Malta

If you are planning your travel  with own car instead of rental car, be aware that it will cost you more than renting a car. Your own car insurance, fuel and excessive cost will make travel budget double. If you are looking for a budget travel with your family then renting a car is the most suitable option to save money. When you rent a car with a reliable car rental company in Malta, you can expect better price, better fuel mileage on the car and save money. Your vacation will be more enjoyable when you get a car in your budget and save money on your vacation.

5) You will Have More Safety

Malta Car Hire Company

Its always a great idea to take safety precautions when you are going to a new country for vacation. Travelling to a new country is really a fun and having a rental car for your journey is more safer than public transport to explore the Area. Having a car can make your journey easier with your travel equipments like cameras, mobile phones and more, but its difficult to carry your travel items safely in public transport. There are a more Chances of theft and missing of items in case of public transport.

Due to any unavoidable situation if you arrive late at your destination then pre-booking a car online, can  help you to have a stress free journey instead of struggling to get a trustworthy taxi from the airport.

6) You will Have Your Own Freedom

Renting a Car in Malta

Renting a car gives you freedom to travel vacation on your own way and pace. You can decide to have your trip whenever you want and whenever you want to go. Instead of waiting for public transport and spending your valuable time on waiting, you can hire a car to cover most of the area within a stipulated time period. You can have your own time and fun with a rental car.


There are lots of stiffness in public transport, which can make you more stressed with more waiting time and limiting mobility. During your vacation trip, it is most important to stay stress free, fresh and ready to move for your trip whenever you want . The freedom of Vacation trip can be better experienced and enjoyed by those who rent a car in Malta. Vacation in Malta with rental car is the most effective way to make unforgettable memories throughout your journey.

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